Aikatsu! Stars of Starlight is an Aikatsu! fan story by Cupcake-pixie.

Season 1

Kristy Misumi is a 13 year old girl who moved to Japan two years ago. Her three older sisters, Audrey, Yukari and Sayo, are idols at Starlight Academy and also known as the unit SisterS. When the girls ask Kristy to join the auditions at Starlight Academy, Kristy's idol adventure starts!

Season 2

When Ichigo Hoshimiya goes to America, Starlight Academy goes on. Kristy meets Daniel, a boy who also lived in The Netherland, just like her. He tells her he's a student from Rhythm Academy, an idol school for boys. When Kristy falls in love with him, a great danger watches her. And what's going to happen to Sayo?

Season 3

After the big concert at Starlight Academy, the girls decide to work together with the boys of Rhythm Academy. They hope to stop Mister S from writing his scandalous stories and to find love. After Kristy and Daniel broke up last year, She also get's a big fight with Miyuki. Is CharX also going to brake up?


Starlight Academy

Kristy Misumi

Miyuki Aizawa

Audrey Misumi

Yukari Misumi

Sayo Misumi

Aya Fujiko

Ayumi Kise

Kaname Nanami

Dream Academy


Mineko Yamazono

Rhythm Academy

Daniel Takumi

Daisuke Mamoru

Hideki Masao

Yoru Tsubasa

Arata Haruki


Snowy Day

Unmei Unique

Lovely Smile

Enternal Rose

Puzzle Goddes

Steaming Punk

Dreamy Lilac

Blossom Breeze

Idol Units



AKA ~ Symphony

Yume Magique

Chibi Idols