Aikatsu Dream Revolution is User : BellRose~'s fan series.


Aikatsu Dream Revolution Episode

The main idol school of this series is Dream Academy and Starlight Academy is become they biggest rival and Kanzaki Mizuki become the main antagonis.

Ann Tsukishiro is the popular Gothic Idol, Ann has not entered a special school idol. Ann confused to enter Starlight or Dream Academy, Ann at the end chose to join in the Dream Academy after Seira, Kii, Sora and Maria unlock her and beat Soleil. However Ann personality is very mysterious, and Ann was a bit dislike with Yurika Todo from Starlight Academy. After a week of entry in the Dream Academy, a childhood friend of Ann named Fukuhara Yuna, and Yuka Chris also register at the Dream Academy. They tried to beat Kanzaki Mizuki and became Dream Queen.

Main Characters

Dream Academy

Ann Tsukishiro (月城あん Tsukishiro Ann?) is one of main character of Aikatsu Dream Revolution. Ann is a 1st grade student of Dream Academy and love mystery. Her Favorite Brand is Loli Gothic. She is fall in love with Kaname Suzuno, this is known by Maria. Ann is popular in Star Magazine.

Yuna Fukuhara (福原ユナFukuhara Yuna?) is one of main character of Aikatsu Dream Revolution. Yuna is a childhood friend of Ann and Yuka. Her favorite brand is Vivid Kiss. She is talend making cake and her dream before become idol is become a patissiere and her catchphrase is Leave It To Yuna!.

Yuka Chris (由佳クリス Yuka Chris?) is one of main character of Aikatsu Dream Revolution. Yuka is a childhood friend of Ann and Yuna. She is a half japanese and french. She is talend with Cooking and story telling, Yuka also love drink a tea. Her favorite brand is Northem Mermaid.

Naru Shizuka (静香ナル Shizuka Naru?) is one of main characters of Aikatsu Dream Revolution. She is the popular model just like Sora and Maria. Naru loves eat sweet that Yuna made. Her favorite brand is Dream Girl.

Main Characters