Android Sun Coord is Chiharu Mochizuki's Planetary Premium Rare coord. The outfit's designated planet is the Sun

Android Sun Coord
Type Pop
Brand Techneko
Rarity Premium Rare
Planet Sun



Android Sun Crop

The main section of the top is a sleeveless turtleneck that ends mid-chest. The top is white, with teal motherboard designs. The top has two bracers that start at the elbow and end at the wrist,  with a blue midsection and the outsides being a bright green. At the end of the bracers, white sections of cloth extend to the index finger of each hand, connecting there by a ring. A purple semi-transparent drape is over the shoulders, connecting in the center of the top by a silver outlet circle. The top also comes with two tattoos that are on the stomach, one blue and one pink

Android Sun Skirt

A white skirt with a cat face and multiple outlet designs, with green and blue pleats at the bottom of the skirt. A bright blue scarf is tied around the top of the skirt, and a purple cloth section wraps around the the side. Tied  around the blue section is a black wire, with the plugs hanging down. Connected to the back of the skirt is a white and teal tail

Android Sun Flats

Orange flats with silver plug designed circles at the top of the flat, with multicolored audio lines going upwards. The shoes also come with white socks that end above the knee, with pulse lines at the mid-top

Android Sun Headphones

Nekomimi headphones with varrying shades of teal, with stereos inside the cat ear section, and white accents around the actual headphones. The Planet Charm is connected to the right side of the headphones and hangs downwards. The headphones also come with pawprint shaped wings, with multiple designed speakers that pulse along with the beat of the song. Above the headphones there is a gold crown that is a play off of the traditional king's crown. It floats on its own and may be sent spinning with fast or sudden movements.