Ann Tsukishiro (月城あん Tsukishiro Ann?) is one of main character of Aikatsu Dream Revolution. Ann is a 1st grade student of Dream Academy and love mystery. Her Favorite Brand is Loli Gothic.


She has grayish-purple hair and eyes. Her hair is long and straight, with a full dolly fringe at eyebrow length and a small bun adorning at the side of her head. She possesses beauty. Ann dresses formally like most other aristocratic vampires.


Ann is very very fragile,and feminin. She is very caring towards her friends and wishes to be seen as useful.

Image Song

The Doll House

Special Appeal

1) Gothic Flash

2) Rain Of Blood


  • Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • She s the third characters share a same brand with Aikatsu S1 main characters after Kii and Maria.
  • Her Aura is black feathers , a cross and black rose.
  • She share a same singing voice with Yurika Todo.
  • She is the first main character appear with Cold personality and Dream Academy's idol like Seira,Kii,Sora, and Maria must unlock her first with an audition or something.


  • Ann in a magazine
  • Ann Look to Dream Academy and Starlight Academy student