Blue Moon Queen ( ブルームーンの女王 Buru Mun Kuin) is Miku Hatsune's brand. She create it on the episode 23 of Nebula Aikatsu!.

Official Debut

Miku is going to do a live concert with a new song in a new stage she create herself,but she has the feeling she missed one thing. She has the idea to create her own brand who she called Blue Moon Queen,she create her stage called Moonlight Cruise Stage (she create a coord with the same name) and do her concert with her brand.


Blue Moon Queen is a brand will make you a queen who live in a night kingdom with a shiny moon who is wearing jewelry,glittering, queen like clothing. Its a brand make you the queen of the world you create,you will be a beautiful queen with an incredible shine of your own. This brand is make with love,the power of the night you will acquired with the shinest of your magic. You will be wearing like a goddess with a incredible power with the shinest of the moon.


  • Moonlight Cruise Coord
  • Gold Moon Coord
  • Night Queen Coord
  • Magic Night Coord
  • Crescent Moon Coord
  • Moon Desert Coord
  • Moonbeam Coord
  • Moon Jewellery Coord
  • Night Dream Coord
  • Jewel Coord
  • Shiny Coord
  • Golden Coord
  • Myth Coord
  • Moonrise Coord
  • Mysterious Coord
  • Mystic Night Coord
  • Blue Sky Coord
  • Mysterious Gold Coord
  • Majestic Rose Coord
  • Mystic Night Coord
  • Full Moon Coord
  • Moonlight Coord
  • Dark Night Coord
  • Musical Night Coord
  • Sparkle Stars Coord
  • Starlight Coord
  • Starry Night Coord
  • Moon Virgo Coord
  • Night Goddess Coord
  • Golden Night Coord
  • Night Shine Coord
  • Sun Goddess Coord
  • Love Goddess Coord
  • Sky Goddess Coord
  • Water Paradise Coord
  • Mediteranean Goddess Coord
  • Greek Goddess Coord
  • Spica Coord
  • Virgo Venus Coord
  • Holy Moon Coord
  • Rainbow Phoenix Coord
  • Golden Crescent Coord
  • Sacred Luminary Coord
  • Aurora Borealis Coord
  • Queen Jewelry Coord
  • Jewelry Moon Coord
  • Aurora Moon Coord
  • Lunatic Coord
  • Moonlight Line Coord
  • Jewelry Night Coord
  • Radiant Rose Coord
  • Passion Moon Coord
  • Moonlight Champagne Coord
  • Red Moonlight Coord
  • Nonne Menalcan Coord
  • Principem Luna Coord
  • Lavender Virgo Coord