The Dream Analyse Card Set Bag ( "Dorimu Anarisu Kado Seto Baggu") is the bag used in Nebula Aikatsu! by the main characters. They was given by Miku in the episode 01.


Its a square bag with many decoration ( vary with the character) it has big black line at the middle with a ribbon at the middle. The color of the bag change with the character and the type of the character:

  • Red-Sexy
  • Blue-Cool
  • Pink-Cute
  • Orange-Pop
  • Green-Ethnic
  • Dark Blue-Elegant
  • Yellow-Feminine
  • Purple-Rock
  • Black-Gothic
  • Golden Yellow-Sparkle

In the side is button with at the middle a screen with a circle button with a heart-shaped button at the middle the circling button when they placed the finger and when the button is turning one of them is lightning with a draw on it :


  • Headband
  • Earrings
  • Collar
  • Jewels
  • Bags


  • Shirt
  • Chemise
  • Top
  • Mini-Shirt


  • Skirt
  • Short
  • Pants
  • Dress


  • Boots
  • High Heels
  • Sandals


With the Dream Design Book when the character draw a design on it and when they scanned one of they design the screen is lightning and a sign of the type of the character is drawing on the screen when they touch the heart button with the stylus, and sign with it.The bag contains special cards with a different pattern and a different using.

Dream Make-Up Cards

They are special cards who the idol draw on it the make-up they would like to have like the color of the eyeshadow or eyebrows,the color of the lipstick,the color of the mascara and of the nails. The idol can also create perfume who correspond at her types,the perfume can be scenting by the person who watch the perfomance of the idol the scent of the perfume,the perfume of the idol is different: when the idol has a sexy type petals of roses are spinning around the idol,when she is a pop type,orange sun will spinning around her.

Dream Clothes Cards

They are cards who the idol can with the Dream Coffret Palette, draw different tops or dresses,the idol choose the color and a pattern with the Dream Design Book,the idol choose the type of the tops and draw it,the idol can also draw skirts and shoes.

Dream Accessory Cards

They are cards who the idols can draw the accessories she wants,like collars,earrings,bracelets,headbands,hair accessories and bags and choose type of it.