Dream Shine! Aikatsu!
(Doriimu Shain! Aikatsu!)
DirectorCure Lucky
NetworkTV Tokyo
Opening SongTrap of Love
Ending SongThrilling Dream
Dream Shine! Aikatsu! (ドリームシャイン!アイカツ! Doriimu Shain! Aikatsu!) is the first fan series created by Cure Lucky.


Despite Hanabi and Manabi Hoshikaze are twin-sisters, they are very different. But the two things that connects them are a dream to become an idol and a precious friend. That friend, who's name is Miyoru offered the twins to pass an entrance exam to Starlight Academy where their dream will come true.


Main Characters

Hanabi Hoshikaze (星風 はなび Hoshikaze Hanabi) - Manabi's older twin-sister. She is cheerful and bright girl, who is very smart, knows technology and science very much, but afraids of many things, can be clumsy and easily gets flustered. Her favourite brand is Futuring Girl.

Manabi Hoshikaze (星風 まなび Hoshikaze Manabi- Hanabi's younger twin-sister. Unlike her sister, Manabi is more graceful, cute, polite and can be silly at times. She is crazy about photography and sometimes takes photos of Hanabi, which makes her angry. Her favourite brand is Angely Sugar.

Miyoru Yamimoto (闇元 みよる Yamimoto Miyoru) - Best friend of both Hanabi and Manabi. She is friendly and helpful, though tries to scare her friends sometimes. Her favourite brand is LoLi GoThiC.