"Beautifully Increase your fighting spirit" is the theme of this brand. This is a brand for girls who fight for their goals to the fullest. The brand will make your spirit of victory grow until the limit, let us together to win the fight.This brand's main constellation is Taurus and the main virtue is courage.


The idols that use this brand:



Normal Coords

Rare Coords

Premium Rare Coords

  • Marine Captain Coord (Premium dress)
  • The Flame of Victory Coord (Premium dress)
  • Campione Coord (Premium dress)
  • Intense Feelings Coord (Premium dress)
  • Frontier Challenger Coord (Premium Dress)
  • Lily Night Coord (Premium dress)

Masterpiece Coords

Special Coords

  • Maria Passionate Debut Coord

Campaign Rare Coords

Constellation/Virtue Coords

  • White Shark Coord
  • Shining Power Coord
  • Heat Up Girl Coord
  • Explosion Fever Coord
  • Orange Basketball Coord
  • Boot Selvage Coord
  • Titanium Coord
  • Grandiosa Force Taurus Coord
  • Courage Rising Coord