Flower Paradise ( Furawa Paradaise) is Miki Kudokawa's favorite brand. Its a feminine-type brand and debut in the episode 24.

Official Debut

The Great Idol Cup is coming up! And its Miki's turn! She will facing with Rose who is speaking in her room with Yuri and Himawari about her turn in the cup. She is very anxious and Yuri reading a magazine find a page about Miki's brand. When she was in stage with Rose she wear her brand and win the cup.


Flower Paradise is a feminine brand,will make you like a princess in a flowerly kingdom,wearing fluffy,flower patterned and jewelry clothes. This brand is made with a flower scent in your clothes,with a femine touch and love. Its like a mild wind with flower perfume, makes falling flowers petals falling to trees. We hope you will be a feminine girl with a flower perfume.


  • Flower Fairy Coord
  • Overflowing Coord
  • Pink Fairy Coord
  • Wolrd Tree Coord
  • Emerald Coord
  • Leaf Princess Coord
  • Printemps Coord
  • Flower Shower Coord
  • Green Daisy Coord
  • Water Iris Coord
  • Tulip Coord
  • Flower Waltz Coord
  • Love Flower Coord
  • Feminine Green Coord
  • Fresh Mint Coord
  • Cold Mint Coord
  • Green Papillon Coord
  • Furry Rabbit Coord
  • Green Grass Coord
  • Lime Flower Coord
  • Sky Fairy Coord
  • Leaf Coord
  • Rose Garden Coord
  • Paradise Garden Coord
  • Fresh Bouquet Coord
  • Flower Leo Coord
  • Fresh Coord
  • Fresh Princess Coord