Honeybee Princess (hanibi prinsessu) is Himawari Yoshino's favorite brand. It makes it debut in the episode 15.

Official debut

Himawari is going to pass a reprensative audition for a brand: Honeybee Princess. The audition is nammed Honey Girl Audition for representing this brand. The top designer calls her and tell her to go see her. She gave her rare cards and when she pass the audition she win and Honeybee Princess became Himawari's favorite brand.


Honeybee Princess is a brand who can transform you into the princess of the bees. And makes you like a bee parcouring flowers to flowers to recolt the delicious honey. This brand makes you a cute honey bee,the princess of the bees. This is like the sunflower born with the sun.


  • Flying Bee Coord
  • Chocolate Honey Coord
  • Fur Bee Coord
  • Sunflower Nectar Coord
  • Sunny Coord
  • Poppin' Coord
  • Pop'n'Corn Coord
  • Yellow Wasp Coord
  • Sweet Ribbon Coord
  • Candy Coord
  • Happy Cheers Coord
  • Royal Honey Coord (premium)
  • Lolli'Pop Coord
  • Sunlight Flower Coord
  • Vanilla Honey Coord
  • Coconut Coord
  • Sugar Pinapple Coord
  • Fruits Design Coord
  • Honey Parker Coord
  • Stripe Bee Coord
  • Summer Sun Coord
  • Chocolate Cake Coord
  • Bon Bon Coord
  • Bon Appétit Coord
  • Honey Cook Coord
  • Vanilla Coord
  • Cosmos Bee Coord
  • Sunlight Coord
  • Queen Bee Coord (premium)
  • Orange Juice Coord
  • Golden Honey Coord
  • Pop Coord
  • Funky Junky Coord
  • Sunshine Coord
  • Happiness Coord
  • Peace & Love Coord
  • Yellow Cat Coord
  • Lemon Juice Coord
  • Honey Aries Coord
  • Joker Coord
  • Ice Cream Coord