The Ice Cream Coord (Aisu Kurimu Kode) is a normal coord of Honeybee Princess it'a pop type coord.


Ice Cream Vest

A yellow closed vest with checked motifs with ice creams badges at the behind of the vest is a big ice cream with ICE CREAM wrote in rainbow colors at the bottom. A yellow collar with an ice cream at the middle. A yellow watch and and a yellow bracelet with an orange square pearl.

Ice Cream Skirt

A denim skirt with three layers two denim layers and a yellow checked layer in the middle. In the first layer is stars at the bottom. And an yellow belt with a star at the middle with silver section with to falling belts attached to it.

Ice Cream Sneakers

Yellow checked sneakers with an orange section in the top of the sneakers and orange laceys. With a yellow dotted layer and white socks with orange and yellow stripes.

Ice Cream Skirt

A skirt with three layers: the first layer is a denim layer with stars at the bottom.The second layer is a yellow checked skirt and the last layer is a denim layer. Comes with an orange belt with a golden star at the middle,two bells attaching to silver sections.