The Masquerade Coord ( Masukurado Kode) is one of Queen of Roses Coords. This coord is a rare coord and was shown in the episode 32. This coord is a sexy-type coord.


Masquerade Corset

A red and black corset with a dark red,a light red,red,dark and black stripes, in the middle is a dark lacey corsage with red laces. A red lacey-like shirt in the top with roses motifs. And long lacey gloves with a bracelet with a rose and dark rose in the gloves,and a golden collar with red,purple and dark purple diamond-shaped gems.

Masquerade Skirt

A black skirt with three layers, the first layer consist a black layers with red butterflies, differents sizes butterflies who are dark red and red. The second layers consist a red layer with black feathers and purple gems and the last layer consist a black layer who is drawing with golden and red masks. In the top is a black belt with mini-butterflies and a gold butterflies in the middle with red gems on it. In the right side is three layers, two black layers and a red one with roses drawing on it. And a chained anklet with falling chains with diamond-shaped red gems.

Masquerade Shoes

Red high heels with a golden rose on top,and purple gems on the right and left side. Comes with black tight high with roses,butterflies and masks drawing on it and white X-shaped lines and golden chains around it and a rose on top.

Masquerade Mask

A golden butterfly shaped mask headband with red gems on the sides,thin eye shaped on the middle and a black layers on the behind side of the mask in the right side on the top three black feathers with gold and red gems attached to a big red rose.