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Miyuki Amahane ( みゆ き あすか Amahane Miyuki) is the protagonist of Sweety! Aikatsu! and PriPara Aikatsu! her type is cute (feminine and cool) her primary brand is le Thé Royal d'Alice.


Miyuki is a is a kind,gentle and sweet girl,she loves sweet things,she always loved idols since she is small and always dreamed to be one,she loves dancing and singing. When her sister becamed an idol she was jealous and angry towards her and accused her to steal her dream and was very angry,Kitty said than its not what Tsubomi wanted,she started thinking of something who can reconcile her with her sister. She asked her to become an idol with her,Miyuki pwas always angry towards her but she accepted,Miyuki loves idols and it was her dream to become one,one day after school,she found a PriCard (PriPara Card) and she noticed than she was on the card. Since she is in the college she love wearing dresses who reminds her Alice. When she started her idol career she also started her career as an actress and she plays two roles: the heiress of an english rich family in an english manor and plays the protagonist: Arabella Hushington in a famous serie The Family Hushington. She also plays the role of Alice Liddell in Alice in Mirrorland with Kagami who plays the role of Alice Black the reflection of Alice and she sings it song with Kagami. Miyuki is a confident person who believes in her dream and love making pastries,she shares lots of common points with Tsubomi and Hiro the person she is in love.


Miyuki is quite pale,she has curly,fluffy pink hair,sky blue eyes she is tall and sometimes wear a white and sky blue ribbon or a white headband with blue spades,clovers and diamonds and red hearts.She also sometimes wear sky blue nail polish and normally wears a pink lipstick.


Miyuki is very kind,cheerful,cute,calm and patient she is a good person who likes helping others when they have problems. She is a very comprehensive person and sometimes is air-headed,she is very organized and is very strategic.


Mi (み Mi) means beautiful.

Yuki (ゆきYuki) means snow.

Miyuki means beautiful snow.


Miyuki's aura is composed of cards,pink hearts and diamonds,sky blue spades and clovers,feathers,white tea cups with sky blue slabs,clocks,sky blue little bottles of blue juice with "drink me" and little cookies with the same motifs with "eat me".


Her normal pose is,Miyuki closing her eyes,turns and winks,at first she joins her legs,decross them joins her hands and do again a wink and finally joins her legs and let her arms doing the form of wings. The background is sky blue with white sparkles.

Her premium pose is Miyuki,joining her hands do a wink and joins her legs,she turns and close her eyes,the background is white with sky blue spades and clovers and pink hearts and diamonds.

Making Drama

  • Alice's Wonderful World

Miyuki opens a door and finds a castle in front of her,a lot of cards flying around her,she travels into a magic forest and and sees a little white rabbit,she follows him and founds a table with cookies,tea pots,tea cups and a key. She takes the key and follows the rabbit who goes away,she then arrives at the front of the castle opens it doors and it transforms into a big white and brown cake with spades,hearts,clovers and diamonds the rabbit takes her and flies with her and leads her to a sky blue chair on the cake she then sits in and shouts Alice's Wonderful World! and a giant chocolate cookie appears with "Wonderful World!" written on it.

Special Appeals

  • Cute Flash
  • Beautiful Tea Party
  • Eat Me,Drink Me
  • Marvelous Forest
  • Mirror Alice
  • Ticking Clock
  • Petit Lapin Blanc
  • Wonderful Castle
  • Sweet March


  • Alice's Reflect
  • Hello New World
  • Wonderful Parade
  • Lovely Party Coletion
  • Cutie Pretty My Tea Party


  • Birthday: 14 februari
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Favorite Foods:
  • Disliked Food: Udon
  • Brand: Le Thé Royal D'Alice ♤♡♢♧
  • Favorite Styles: Alice Lolita,Sweet Lolita,feminine clothing,ladylike clothing.
  • Favorite Flavor: Vanilla
  • Lucky Charm: A white and sky blue slabs motifs ribbon gold bracelet with an gold key and a sky blue diamond and a cup of tea.
  • She share common points with Madoka Amahane:
    • Both have the same name.
    • Both have pink hair and blue eyes.
    • Both are cute typed.
    • Both have blue as their theme color.
    • Both have a coord based on Alice in Wonderland.