The Peace & Love Coord (Pisu to Robu Kode) is a normal coord of Honeybee Princess its a rare coord,and a pop-type.


Peace & Love Shirt

A white mini-shirt with yellow peace mark and with PEACE write at the top and LOVE at the bottom. And a black shirt with with the mini-shirt. A big watermelon in the middle and mini peace marks in the shirt. With a collar with yellow,light yellow and dark yellow pearls with a yellow peace. And peace made with yellow pearls,and yellow watch and green,pink and orange bracelet with PEACE at the green and the pink and LOVE at orange.

Peace & Love Short

A denim short with PEACE write on it in green and yellow and LOVE write in pink and blue. A black fishnet leggings with PEACE and LOVE write on it in green and yellow. With a yellow anklet with PEACE write in black.

Peace & Love High Heels

Fluo yellow high heels with peace on it in the color of green with blue and green gems at the left and right sides.

Peace & Love Ribbon

A yellow ribbon with Peace & Love writed on it in dark yellow and at the middle a green peace circle. And a blue peace circle at one of the earrings and a pink one.