Queen of Roses ( バラの女王 "Kuin ofu Rozu") is Rose Hoshizora's brand she made herself.

Official Debut

This brand make it debut in the episode 07 of Rose Aikatsu!This is Rose's brand she make herself. This brand is a sexy type brand. It's a Medieval,European princess like brand. Rose is going to do a live concert and she has the idea to make her brand. She call it Queen of Roses.


Queen of Roses is a Medieval,European and princess like brand. This brand is like a princess dress-clothing for girls, this brand makes you like a princess or a queen, your dream to be a princess can be realize when you're dressing with Queen of Roses. This make you a rich and a luxury princess in a beautiful catsle wich you are dressing with feathery,furry and jewelry princess.


  • Medieval Garden Coord
  • Lady Shadow Coord
  • Rouge Papillon Coord
  • Victorian Rose Coord
  • Venise Festival Coord
  • Masquerade Coord
  • Purple Moon Coord
  • Glitter Stone Coord
  • Night Feathers Coord
  • Fur Queen Coord
  • Victorian Princess Coord
  • Rose Garden Coord
  • Sun Princess Coord
  • Rose Ageha Coord
  • Princess Rose Coord
  • Medieval Princess Coord
  • European Princess Coord
  • Red Cyber Princess Coord
  • Mermaid Princess Coord
  • Rose Castle Coord
  • Elegant Queen Coord ( premium)
  • Dream Phoenix Coord
  • Gothic Rose Coord
  • Ombre Papillon Coord
  • Passion Rouge Coord
  • Lady Cat Coord
  • Treasure Hunter Coord
  • Treasure Coord
  • Golden Coord
  • Passion Flamenco Coord
  • Royal Vahinea Coord
  • White Tiger Coord
  • Snow Queen Coord
  • Opera Coord ( constellation dress)
  • Queen Scorpio Coord
  • Fire Ruby Coord (constellation dress)
  • Rich Lady Coord
  • Luxury Coord