Red Miracle Coord (Reido Mirakuru Kode) is Rose Hoshizora's unit dress.


Red Miracle Blouse

A red navy blouse with light red stripes with a red ribbon at the top a light blue ribbon at the middle and a yellow ribbon at the bottom with golden ribbon on it. A white neck collar who is not with the blouse, with a ribbon who are in the color of red,blue and yellow. Black sleeves are not with the blouse with white stripes on it. And black gloves with a white stripe at the top and a red ribbon bracelet with light red stripes.

Summer-Colored High Heels

Red high heels who are open a the toe with a sun with ruby,amber and sapphire on it with lace knee high with suns drawing on it.

Summer-Colored Headband

A golden headband with three suns on it with a big one with rubies on it,a small one with sapphire on it and an other small one with ambers on it. And sun-shaped earrings with rubies,sapphire and ambers on it with ruby sunbeams.