Ultimate Aikatsu!
(Arutimēto Aikatsu!)
DirectorPretty Dream
NetworkTV Tokyo
Episodes50 Episodes
Opening SongGolden Melody

Two Hearts

Ending SongUltimate Song

Watashi wa ippai desu.

Ultimate Aikatsu! (アルティメートアイカツ! Arutimēto Aikatsu!) is a Japanese magical girl anime fanseries created by Pretty Dream.


Ultimate Aikatsu! Episodes

Aida Chris is a cheerful who is a very shy at getting up in front of people and singing, while Karada Hayate is a kind, friendly girl who loves to sing to everybody in her town. But when the two girls cross paths on their way to audition to get into Ultimate Academy, they decide to help each other pass the audition. But sometimes life doesn't go as it seems for one of the girls.
Join the new characters in a new story of Aikatsu as they make their way to become the next top idol!


Main Characters

Aida Chris (会田クリス Aida Kurisu) - The cheerful protagonist of the series. Even though Chris doesn't have the confidence to sing in front of a crowd, she isn't afraid to do other things and she can be a bit silly. She always thinks before heading into things that she could or should do and dreams of getting over her stage fright so she can become the top idol. She love to eat and is very self conscious of how she looks, always making sure not to eat too much so she doesn't get fat. Her favourite brand is Gorgeous Maiden and her aura is composed of various-colored shells and pink bubbles.

Karada Hayate (体はやて Karada Hayate) - The friendly protagonist of the series. Hayate loves to sing and often sings for the people in her town. She is clumsy and tends to boost about her talents. She usually says things before saying things and sometimes she can say mean things without realising it. She is kind to everyone and has many friends and takes private singing and violin lessons in her free time. Her favourite brand is Shining Flower and her aura is composed of butterflies and orange flowers.

Ultimate Academy

Aokawa Seira (青川セイラ Aokawa Seira) - The principal of Ultimate Academy.

Harukawa Kyo (春川京 Harukawa Kyo) - A teacher at Ultimate Academy who seems to have feelings for Chris.

Yotsuba Asa (四葉朝 Yotsuba Asa) - A student at Ultimate Academy.

Yukine Ayumi (雪ねあゆみ Yukine Ayumi) - A student at Ultimate Academy.