Venise Festival Coord (Benisu Fesutibaru Kode) is a rare coord of Queen of Roses its a sexy-type coord.


Venise Festival Corset

A red corset with puffy long sleeves with golden sections at the top a mini top with light red lace top at the bottom is a dark red corset with glittering golden laceys and a gold sections behind it. Comes with golden lace gloves with dark red ribbon with a golden stripes at the middle with a ruby. And a dark red ribbon collar with a golden stripe at the middle and a ruby.

Venise Festival Pannier

A long red pannier skirt with golden lace roses and a gold section laceys at the middle with gold stripes at left and right sides. Comes with a ribbon with a golden stripe with a ruby at the middle.

Venise Festival Sandals

Golden sandals with rubies at the the middle and a rose at the toe and a bride.

Venise Festival Fan Headband

A red headband with a red fan with gold lace roses on it and a big rose with pearls on it. And two rose earrings a red and a gold one.