The Vitrue System is a system similar to Aikatsu System and Costellation System which is featured on this series.

Theory and Usage

The Virtue System―as the name suggests―is based after virtues and fellings, meaning the cards' designs are based from the virtue and the fellings that the designer wished. There is also a kind of achievement of Virtues that can be earned after the player plays the game using the cards with the required virtue for three times. Aside from that, there is also a new way to begin the stage performance―something like an appeal.


Virtue Dress - Though being pronounced in different words, but the cards are equal to Aikatsu! Cards. These dresses are the basis of the system.

Virtue Appeal -  Appeals that are based on a virtue; similar to a normal Special Appeal and Constellation System

Virtue Fever - An Appeal-like feature used when the player(s) enter the stage. As of now the Fever is only able to be performed once per performance

Premium Proof of Virtue - An achievement awarded to the player when they complete three Virtues stage performances. You can desblock some presents for your Aikatsu Phone.


Brand Virtue Symbol
Angely Sugar Kidness
Futuring Girl Obstinacy
Spicy Ageha Passion
Happy Rainbow Happiness
LoliGothic Confidence
Aurora Fantasy Sensitivy
Magical Toy Joy
Bohemiam Sky Honor
Swing Rock Cool
Vivid Kiss Liveliness
Love Moonrise Desire
Dreamy Crown Serenity
Universe Star Love
Street Hop Courage
Fighting Femenine Hope
Arabian Nights Confidence


It's hinted that Aiya Atsuko created the system.