Vivid Girls ( Bibido Gaaru) is Pauline Le Loin and Cindy Le Fort when they was participated in the Best Duo Cup.


Pauline and Cindy are the next girls to form a unit and participate at the competition,they decided to choose for name of their unit Vivid Girl by Cindy because they loves pop and vivid colors. Cindy begin the leader and Pauline the vice-leader ( she decided with Cindy what to do in their unit). They draw their unit dress and write their songs and laterly debut.


Unit Dresses

  • Vivid Pop Summer Coord
  • Vivid Ethnic Summer Coord


  • Ribbon Rainbow
  • Lolli'POP!
  • Cat Girls
  • Pon! Pon! PON!
  • Color * Stars
  • It's Magical!


  • Vivid Summer